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Quis Custodiet ipsos custodes?

BBC NEWS | England | Oxfordshire | Police chief sorry for 999 delay

A chief constable has apologised after his force was slammed over the length of time it took officers to attend a shooting in which two sisters died.
Vicky Horgan, 27, and Emma Walton, 25, were shot dead by Vicky's estranged husband, Stuart Horgan, in Highmoor Cross, Oxfordshire, in June.
Police received two 999 calls at 1637 BST but armed officers did not enter the house until an hour later.
An inquiry into the shooting said the delay "cannot be justified".
It also criticised the ambulance service, which did not arrive until after 1800.
The report found that the control room inspector on duty at the time did not initially send officers to the scene as it was "not safe".

Oh isn't that bloody wonderful?, we are not allowed to protect ourselves as it is the State's job and when some maniac is gunning us down Plod won't turn up as it isn't "safe". At least the inquiry gives the Rozzers a bit of a kicking.


At least he apologised. I'm sure that will keep the victims' family warm at night, knowing that Neyroud "regret[s] very much the distress which the additional delay caused to victims and witnesses".

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