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Margaritas ante Porcos

Ananova - Hairdressers help drive away wild boar

Hairdressers in a German town have started collecting their customers' hair to drive away wild boar.
The spa town of Bad Saarow, between Berlin and Frankfurt on the Oder, has been plagued by boar roaming the town.
The animals have already destroyed a park and a sports ground, and weren't scared away by shots.
Now health and safety chief Juergen Knuth is now turning to a traditional way of keeping boar away - human hair.

Now isn't that much more civilised and European than those butch Texans at HUNTING TACTICS FOR WILD BOAR who recommend a hand loaded, lubricated, hard cast bullet in their revolver....

In my Google research I cam across this picture with the caption:
Call Randy at 740-745-2911
Semen Shipped Daily
VISA, COD and Approved Direct Billing

You have to be English to giggle at that...


Actually, dog piss works better. But the Germans actually shoot a lot of boar, too, probably more than any other country in the world (including the US).

Here are the annual numbers for individual German states:


Note how they are shooting a lot more since the early 80s.

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