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One for a whipround.

BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Flyer fined for Dambusters song

A rugby player has been fined more than 1,000 after his stag party friends sang The Dambusters theme while on board a plane with German passengers.


Good thing for him he didn't mention the name of Gibson's dog, or he'd be not just in, but under the jail, as we say around here.

and there was me thinking that upsetting boxheads was a national duty ...

It appears they were booted off the plane for being drunk and disorderly but...

"A film chronicling their adventure was made in 1954. The theme song has since been adopted by football fans and is now deemed to be anti-German."

Deemed? By whom? The thought polezei? Ominous.

I watched it last Saturday night. I've seen it loads of times and I'll see it plenty of times again. It's bloody brilliant.

In the words of Basil Fawlty, "So who won the bloody war anyway?"

Oh, and Barnes Wallis is one of my heroes, right up there with Watt, and Stephenson, and the Brunels, and Parsons, and Ed Heinemann, and Wilbur and Orville, and,... well, just read about the Sons of Martha, if you know yer Kipling. Wallis did eventually get a knighthood, but far too late in my estimation, considering all the doodahs and bozos who got one before he did!

Oh man. I am still just so exercised about this.Answering squawkbox and Basil, I'd say "What do you mean, exactly?"

Do you mean, " Who was better off after it was done?" or do you mean who got reformed and got religion and promised not to do that again, or do you mean who got to shove other people around, or do you mean who got to settle some old scores, or do you mean who got to make a killing in the stock markets, or who got to feel smug and arrogant about the whole thing?

Well, other people may have differing opinions from mine, but I think that deciding who won has to do with what you want.

If "Who won" means, "Who provided deluded Asiatic hordes to throw themselves in front of the crazy Germans, why, then, the Soviet Union won.

If "Who won" means, "Which people were clever enough to stay out until we absolutely had to go in, regardless of entreaties from other folks, well, the USA won. (With lesser numbers of killed and wounded than you other folks) Snork.

If "Who won" means, "Who stuck it out all by themselves against the Nazis and the Fascists, abandoned by the Communists (they were sucking up to the Nazis) for a very unpleasantly long time, all by themselves, saving Western Civilization from the barbarian hordes as they'd done before, (Remember Nappy Buonaparte and Bill Hohenzollern!)

Well then, I'd say the Brits won. Morally, at least.

Uhh...the Polish...finally?
Sorry for the delayed entry, we had a bunch of Communists in Roosevelt's cabinet and the State Department, messing things up.


Ohh, poor little people who forgot their history, can I kiss it and make it better? GO RAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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