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Live long and prosper.

Reading the essential Numberwatch review of October 2004's health scare nonsense. I remembered this quote from Desmond Morris in The Times:

At 76, Morris is ampler-bellied than during his television-presenter days, but he is still effortlessly healthy, so much so that he boasts that he has yet to know what it is to spend a night in hospital. “People don’t realise that all these fitness regimens are linked to anxiety, and anxiety suppresses the immune system. So rather than embark on regimens, you should just enjoy life,” he hoots. “Oh dear, I do sound awfully smug. I can see how some might say ‘ Kill the bastard’.”

First sensible advice I have read there for a long time - but true to form the day after thhe paper lead with the hysterical story:

ONE in ten Britons can expect to suffer from diabetes by 2010 as the full impact of the country’s soaring levels of obesity takes its toll on public health.
Doctors’ leaders gave warning yesterday that a diabetes epidemic was now inevitable as new figures revealed that the number of cases has gone up by more than one third in the past eight years.


The media in general, with their dim focus on the lowest-common-denominator diminished acuity, and absent blood-splashing car accidents and other horrors, have nothing better to do than spread FUD.

Enlighten me, please. Would that be the same Desmond Morris who wrote "The Naked Ape" and "The Human Zoo"? If so, I'd NEVER say "kill the bastard", I'd say "What can all of us do to make sure the bastard lives for a long time in good health and comfort, telling us exactly what he thinks of us, and of all other critters!"

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