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Mi casa es su casa

Blogging forecast - light turning windy later.
Spare time for the next couple of days is turning a building site into a spare bedroom - a wandering band of Texan refugees have honoured me by asking if they could stay for a couple of days at the beginning of next week, of course I'm delighted but the spare room had chippies, plumbers and planers at work in it yesterday - and no sign of the Sparky yet - so a bit of work to be done to make it habitable...


*takes notes for future visit to England*

...and shall I bring the tortillas, jalapenos, and limes for the visit?! lol

What part of Texas are they from? Hey, you can really freak them out by saying things like "I'm fixin' to go to HEB and get some Bluebell. Y'all wanna come?"

Cheers from Humidston!

Its not Ben Barnes, Bill Burkett and Dan Rather claiming asylum is it?

Just you put Kim and the Mrs. to work, there. I betcha either one can swing a hammer, or at least push a broom, effectually. I see from their photos that they can use the exercise. Sweat some of that gout out of him!

Nyah, nyah, nyah!

Working out the route to go see them myself this week, down in the Algarve. I'll let them know about the building work.

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