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Sick Terrorists at work in England

BBC NEWS | England | Staffordshire | Protest 'link' to desecrated grave

The grave of an 87-year-old woman whose family has been the target of animal rights protesters has been desecrated.
The damage to Gladys Hammond's burial plot was discovered on Thursday at St Peter's Church, Yoxall, Staffordshire. Her remains had been dug up.
Her family's connection to a farm where guinea pigs are bred for research has led to a campaign against them..

What can you say about people who would do such a thing that couldn't be better said with a baseball bat and some heavy boots. Bastards - and it is all for the love of furry animals!


That's awful news, but you've completely misused the word 'terrorist'.

And how pray have I misused the word terrorist?
This scum have (has) performed an awful act in the belief that it will terrorise others and moderate their behaviour.
That is fucking terrorism - the slightest hint that it is understandable to dig up dead grannies and desecrate their bones to make a political point is so far out of fucking order that it deserves a severe smacking.

Damn. UK animal rightists sure are a nutty breed. It always seems more pronounced on the other side of the pond (whichever side you happen to be on), but there really is something quite different about the way Brits approach the whole phenomenon.

I guess we have to chalk it up to English eccentricity.

It's terroristic, and a hate crime.

I tend to think that "terrorist" is the wrong word: the right word is "racketeer".

A terrorist hits civilian targets in order to exert pressure on a government; a racketeer hits civilian targets in order to put pressure on individuals. Although the animal rights people would like to influence the government, their tactics for a long time have been to pressure individuals, and individual companies, not to associate with certain enterprises -- most commonly HLS.

So I think that the the animal rights movement is more like organised crime than terrorism.

> I guess we have to chalk it up to English eccentricity.

This disgusting crime really must not be associated with anything so passive, cliché (and largely non-existent).

To desecrate graves over issues of animal testing isn't about "pausing work mid-afternoon to partake high tea with our scones". Don't lets call despicable actions anything other than they are, lest we all long to awaken to our mother's corpses scattered across a graveyard.

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