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A "must read"

IHT: Always an England? The Scots say no
England (is) in danger of being abolished. How could that happen? The answer lies in Britain's curious constitution, which makes England the only major democratic country in the world to be governed by foreigners. For centuries, England, Scotland and Wales have pooled their sovereignty under the British banner, with the British Parliament legislating on all matters affecting them. Then in 1998 Tony Blair established a Scottish Parliament, through which that country largely governs itself, and a Welsh Assembly with more limited powers. But the English continue to be governed by the British Parliament, to which the Scots and the Welsh elect members as they always did.
What sort of people could have created a system that so obviously discriminates against the English? The Scots of course. Though Tony Blair, who was born and educated in Scotland, has convinced the English that he's one of them, in many ways he's as Scottish as a plate of haggis, and so are his chancellor and several other leading ministers.
Their motivation for denying England a Parliament is certainly political, and, in the view of some, insidious. An English Parliament would not only revive the opposition Conservative Party - which always fares better in England than elsewhere - but, worse, will make people feel more English. And that's an embarrassing habit that the Scottish-led government seems intent on discouraging......


I must remember not to take the piss out of geordies for a while, the future of England may depend on them.

I couldn't find a link to these good folks on your site.


Don't go taking the piss out of Geordies anyway - I might be an Essex girl myself, but my heart and my family are Geordie!

I can never understand why we (the English) are always so supine in these matters. We're already in a position of massive disadvantage compared to the Scots but we're still prepared to lie down and let the Scots walk all over us. I wonder how we'll look back on this in 10 years' time when England has been balkanised into artificially created regions - each one, of course, smaller than Scotland - and regional power in the north and north-east of England lies in Edinburgh.

The North East of England's people are almost totally against the joke of the n.e. assembly. No doubt about it they'll vote no to TONY BLAIR THE SCOTSMAN'S BULL****!

I don't think the regional power will be in Scotland David H, London has 7+million people Scotlands total is 5million and declining. So the picture you suggest isn't going to happen, unless ofcourse London is attacked by WMD in which case you are probably right...

Well this Geordie is going to vote against this bloody assembly. We are the very folk who are suffering so that Scotland can receive unfair subsidies, at our bloody expense.

Furthermore, I fear it is the thin end of a very fat wedge, to usher in EU influence. Sod 'em.

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