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Living in the past

Scotsman.com News - Opinion - Playing with time will just create a topsy-turvy world

AN ENGLISH MP may be attempting to use devolution to allow England and Wales to move to continental time without Scotland.

But this is a non-starter. ..The real issue is whether the UK as a whole opts to shift to European Central Time.

There was a BBC discussion about Time zones today - with the thread that unless we synchronised with the rest of Europe we were living in the past and that trade and the economy suffered. I suppose those North Americans who have bits of states at different times to the rest of the state and different yet again from next door and as for the whole country - what a mess - they must be living in caves or something....


The issue of what timezone we use is negligible compared to the question of whether all of our days will be 24 hours, or whether we will continue with two of them being arbitrarily different. I would happily switch to Indiana time if it meant being the same all year round.

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