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Life after subsidies..

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Twenty years ago, the New Zealand government announced it was stopping all subsidies for farmers. At the time, those farmers thought the effects would be disastrous, but things panned out rather differently....

Trying telling that to our leaders.


I read the artical, there have been a few about the countryside on the BBC recently complaining about Farmers and subsidies.
The annoying thing is they seem to imply that the idea of farm subsidies came from British farmers or that they are in some way responsible for it. Not true, my family are farmers and for as long as I can remember they have been complaining about it. (They have changed their tune a little after the foot&mouth problems not long ago, but thats understandable)

Quote from the BBC artical: "How is it you are able to farm without subsidies, when so many subsidised farmers in a country like Britain are struggling?"

The question the guy should be asking is the opposite. How are British farmers able to survive in a marketplace distorted by CAP and over regulation compared to New Zealand who have been set free.

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