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BBC fight for justice?

The BBC is covering a convention of soapdodgers - The European Social Forum - the link reads
"Fight for justice -
Thousands to protest against racism, war and corporate power".
The piece just reports one of the leaders going on about how wonderful it is "there's already an unmistakable buzz in the city as delegates wearing different-coloured wrist bands wander round the capital poring over their 76-page programme, handing out leaflets and pasting stickers on everything that doesn't move.

Tony Benn was joined on the platform by a German MEP, an Italian peace worker, a Turkish human rights lawyer and an Irish journalist, and to me this summed up the beauty of the ESF: its inclusivity and diversity.

It is everything the establishment is not. At a time when world leaders have been forced to conspire in ever-more isolated spots, the ESF is unashamedly vibrant and on the streets, connecting with people."

Doesn't that make you wish you were there? With not a dissenting note on the BBC obviously no one could have any doubts about how lovely it all is - could they?

And I hope Red Ken is is encouraging the Local authorities to use their powers against the flyposters - 2500 fine per poster, and the use of ASBOs against offenders which then ups the ante if they do it again - after all they use them against companies who flypost.


But not a peep about the fact that the newly formed Iraqi Trade Union leader was physically prevented from speaking, that George Galloway has claimed on an Arabic website that these trade unionists are American sympathisers thus setting them up for assassination and so on. What an evil crowd they are - if these Iraqis are shot will the Forum accept responsibility? Harry's Place has lots more on this


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