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Totnes - just say No

Nanny Knows Best informs me that
Totnes rejects Trafalgar bash

A DEVON town has decided not to mark next year's 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar - because it might offend the French.

Totnes councillors feared commemorating Nelson's victory over the French and Spanish could upset their twin town in France.

What is with these Devon towns? - Torbay, Torquay and Paignton have all pissed me off before.


I used to live in Plymouth years ago. Totnes was famous for being populated by ex hippies, weirdos and the like. I think they had the first green councillors in the country. Full of the kind of pusillanimous, self loathing, bed wetting pinko liberals that are rightly despised by red blooded Englishmen everywhere

Ashburton meanwhile is a monster raving loonie hotbed. Straight up. And good on 'em.

But, but, upsetting the French is the purpose of life for good Devon boys (like me, by birth at least). Who crewed the damn ships for the RN?

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