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Welcome to the NHS

A mother has said her 16-year-old son waited two hours for an ambulance to take him 300 yards to intensive care.
Jackie Gallimore said three ambulances were outside A&E at University Hospital of North Staffordshire but none could be used to pick up Luke.

Luke, who had leukaemia, slipped into a coma as he waited to be transferred from a ward and never recovered.

One hour after the first call for an ambulance, Dr Keiron Lennon asks ambulance controllers why Luke had still not been moved.

An ambulance control supervisor then came on the line and told the doctor: "It's politics and it's not fair on your patients but I'm going to speak very strongly to the bed manager. I'm sure she can get one of those cleared."
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"going to speak very strongly" - I bet that sorted it out - a 16 year old dies and they wring their hands in sorrow but change nothing.

My 16 year old boy is going into an NHS hospital for a serious operation this week, wish him luck.


Best of luck to your son, I was in for a brain operation 6 years ago when I was 13, a very nerving experience but I got through it.

I hope that he comes through okay and that he needs no follow up surgery.


You couldn't have a better example of "Nationalised Healthcare" really meaning "bEUrocrat rationed treatment".

Write "WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST" on your childs chest for his own safety.

Prayers for your son and your family!

Another triumph for statist, collectivised healthcare.

As ever, the state is not your friend.

All the best for your son.

I hope the best for your son.

Best wishes for your son.

Reading what your National Health Service does gives me the shivers. I cannot believe that well meaning people here in the U.S. want to shove something like this down our throats.

While I'm presently between jobs and don't have health insurance, I know that I can show up at a hospital and be treated or call an ambulance and have it here in a short time and worry later about paying.

Best wishes for your son. I know it's little comfort, but his age is on his side.

Unfortunately I've met enough Brits who've come to the US for medical treatment to know that your system isn't working for everyone.

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