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The IEA is asking very nicely for my annual dab in their hand - but the Englishman's wallet is feeling the pinch at the moment and Mr Du Toit and Mr Free Market have both been with me to the Gun Shop and suggest an addition to the gun cupboard is in order.
What to do? - do I support World Peace, Prosperity and Freedom or do I support Personal Peace, Pauperdom and Freedom.
Dear Reader - it's you call.


Great choice of rifle--my wife and I have one each in .357Magnum, used mostly for hunting pigs and crocodiles. (and plinking cans/targets etc)
Reliable, accurate and beautiful. What are you waiting for?

I forgot to add---there are a couple of minor irritations with them. All the screws work loose all the time.
Also, the varnish gets very slippery in hot conditions, which is a pain when hunting wild pigs in close bush.

Get tooled up - you know it makes sense!

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