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Busy Day

My bloated subsidy cheque arrived this morning so it was straight down to the Wiltshire Shooting Centre to bag the Lee Metford .22 training rifle and order another gun as well (subject to being granted the variation on my Licence). Assuming Plod doesn't object then I will be ready for Boers next week - expect pictures (if I get the other one as well you will be let in on it as well.)

Then took the boy to Frenchay hospital - it stinks of disinfectant and the cleaners were busy everywhere, a lot of confidence in them. Op tomorrow so I will be away from the blog fabricator.


Best of luck to your son.

I was in Frenchay a while ago, and I found it okay then. I hope all goes well.

I do hope that your son is going to be alright. Very best wishes for him and for you and his mother.


Well done on the shooter!! It has one of the smooooothest actions I have ever come across - so now you have a 'classic' weapon, are you going to join the local club? If so, see you down at the range, Monday @ 9ish

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