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Civilised comment

Civitas has started a blog. The reasoned argument - not a mad rant like me...


I suppose it's down to the close-to-the-edge, renegade culture of early bloggers, punting free speech into a nascent blogosphere without fear of negative social consequences. In any event, blogging is a partisan business. It delights in the mildly extreme. After all, if you just want the news you can get it anyplace.

So, these terribly significant and respected public institutions like ASI and SAU suppose that they can launch their ship upon the waters without in any way borrowing from the renegade nature of the net. Result: mostly boredom. Bad blogging.

Maybe eventually they'll work out that people don't actually need to read blogs. They have to be incentivised some. They won't do it because your name is Madsen Pirie if Madsen Pirie is a painfully boring read (which he is).

OK, now you can come over to our place and tell us we're even worse!

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