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EU economy reform " a big failure" - Prodi

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler points out:

The head of the European Commission smells the coffee and gets only a whiff of rotting socialist cheese, leading him to call the EU an economic failure. This of course won't surprise anyone who doesn't go through life with their nose buried in a dog-eared copy of "Das Kapital" as they cash each month's allotted pay coupon as a non-working worker bee in a nanny-state taxpayer-subsidized Euro-socialist pretend economy....


There's more anti-semitism now in Europe than there was under Hitler.
2. The Legal 'system' in Europe is founded on'law of the legislature at THE TIME'
3. THE LAWS of the US are under 'the gift of our creator' - inaliable rights, etc.
4. The French wil lose their culture by the year 2008
5. There are more prostitutes on the 'road' hitchiking in Europe than in the Holland brothels

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