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Stabbing them in the back

Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Black Watch: The betrayal of a regiment

THE Black Watch yesterday began the move north towards Baghdad that will take them into one of the most dangerous areas of Iraq, uncertain of whether those who make it home will still have a regiment to call their own.

For the soldiers who have been asked to take on the insurgents in the notorious Sunni Triangle, the only certainty is that they face a torrid couple of months. After that, thanks to the government's plans to cut the size of the army and create one Scottish super regiment, their future is up in the air.

And yesterday Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, could only add to the misery of the Scottish regiments by offering vague assurances that a final decision had not been taken on their future, then apparently backtracking for all he was worth.

Typical Tony - if he told me it was raining I wouldn't bother with an umbrella - as a regiment goes into harms way and shows the importance of the Regimental spirit Nulabour proposes to destroy all that in the spirit of modernisation - they don't even wait for the action to end before betraying them.


Ah but one day the sh*t will hit the fan and our Dear Leader will call the [buff]Hoon at the MOD and ask for military assistance.

So [buff]Hoon will pick up his phone and call the latest incarnation of HQ and all he will get is an answer phone message,

"We apologise for the delay in answering your call, however all of our Regiments are busy at the moment.....[dum-de-dum sh*tty music] Please hold, HQ would like to assure you that your call is very important to us.....[dum-de-dum sh*tty music] You are number 193 in the queue....

...dial 1 if you would like us to support your foreign policy
...dail 2 if you would like us to bale you out of your latest arguement with the Unions
...or hold & your call will be .......

One can only assume that some fevered, indignant twit has persuaded an Important Person that regiments are not only hierarchical and archaic, but exclusionary and elitist as well. Horrible, indeed. But if you were a moderately well-read Islamofascist awaiting an assault, would you be more alarmed to be told the people moving briskly toward your position were a company of the Black Watch or the Argylls, or the 1134th Sustainably Fueled Nulabor Therapeutic Intervention Detail?


I will have you know that the 1134th is a unit with a long and storied heritage. Included on their battle honours are names such as "Exxon Valdez" and "Greenham Common"...

Hey! My unit was at Greenham Common in 1982! Those horrible screeching harpies gnawing the very flesh off our bones, the smell, the horror. And that was just the Womens' Peace Camp!

The Labour party is scotch.

Tony Blair is Scotch.
Gordon Brown is Scotch.
They are all Scotches. The only englishman is the bumbling fool Punchy Prescott.

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