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I must be dreaming...

attempting escape: Some sense over self-defence brings this story to mya attention -

A 73-year-old farmer who shot a burglar after being broken into three times "could not be criticised" for the way he defended his property, a judge said yesterday.

Judge Andrew Hamilton, sentencing the burglar to seven years in jail for a string of similar crimes, said it was "a pity" that prosecutors had even thought of bringing charges of assault against the farmer, Kenneth Faulkner.

Bloody Hell - what is going on? I can't believe it, so I think I will slip the cork out of something dry and white and drink to a Judge who talks sense.....


shame the farmers aim was off ... if he had killed the little swine the taxpayer would have been saved some money!

As I think has been pointed out elsewhere there's actually slightly less to this story than meets the eye. The judge is not giving carte blanche for householders to defend their property in whatever why they see fit - Kenneth Faulkner was let off because he fired the shot as a warning. If he had deliberately aimed to shoot this low-life then the judge's verdict could well have been rather different.

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