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They can run but they can't hide

Countryside Alliance

There have been dozens of demonstrations taking place around the country, and several ministers have been run to ground as they attempt avoid clashes with protesters. Here are some of the highlights....

I think it is cruel that the hunters chase these poor defenceless animals and make them hide in their holes and prevent them enjoy running round the country. The whole of rural Britain is a no-go zone for nuLabour ministers and increasingly the hunters are invading the towns...What joy.

Hat tip The England Project


regarding hunting issue,

Tony Blair uses it to placate his militant hoards whom he has upset with the Iraqi war.

They will ignore all else when their attention is drawn to hunting.

So, my advice, let it pass. Let the lefties ban it. It is Tony Blair's joker and he may have played it too early.

If we ignore the hunting bill, the militant hoards will not have the fight they seek. Then, they will turn their attention on Labour.

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