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Time to switch?


The Times newspaper will be printed in tabloid form only from Monday after more than 200 years as a broadsheet, it has been announced.

I might have to reconsider my subscription - the whole point of a bloody paper on the breakfast table is to hide behind it so the caterwauling monstrous regiment of women can fight over the muesli whilst I try and sip my PG Tips in peace. If the Times is going to be some sodding Daily Mail lookalike I will have to investigate the other papers that come in a proper size - I have never taken the Torygraph as I'm not that sort - I'm not sure if the Independent still exists as a paper - has anyone seen one anywhere? And that leaves the Guardian - the attack geese are already terrifying the postlady and the dogs try and eat the paperman anyway - and being sound animals they would rip the throat out of anyone bringing that rag up the drive, so that isn't an option. Any suggestions?


If you dislike the Torygraph so much then I fear your only alternative is the pink FT. I reckon you'll have the same problem with the Independant as with the Grauniad

Telegraph is a sound newspaper.

Independent is the Daily Mirror in Black and White

Times is a Murdoch rag and thus supports Tony Blair in exchange for access to Terrestrial TV

Guardian is run by Socialist Fascists

Torygraph only one left. FT and it's pro-EU line would give you a stroke at the breakfast table.

what about the Observer

One solution is to get the Torygraph and the Times, and hide the Times inside the Telegraph to read it. You needn't even buy every copy of the Telegraph if you don't want to - cycle old copies with nondescript front pages if you don't want to be caught out hiding from the ladies.

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