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Traitors at the Gate

BBC NEWS | Politics | Kinnock and Patten get peerages

Ex-Labour leader Neil Kinnock and former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten are to be made life peers.

The only award they both deserve is a length of hempen rope and tall tree..Are there still spikes on the Palace of Westminster where Traitor's heads can be displayed?


As a recent visitor to the Palace, I can assure you that the spikes are no longer there -- no doubt so that the common people aren't reminded of that option when next they see their tax bill.

How the traitors have the nerve to take up a seat at the lords is beyond me. Kinnoch was never elected by anyone!
Another thing, how are they being given seats at the Lords in the first place? There is something wrong in the U.K. when this can happen! Something stinks and i've only smelt it since new labour have been in power.

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