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My England

Some site visitors today are coming from Kim's site and his pictures of Wiltshire and I'm very pleased to welcome them - so here are some more, which also tie in with a story below - they were taken on 1st November 2003:
My father's memorial sarsen stone on the hill above "The Castle".


The view South - where I live.


The view East (the view to the west and north are of a side of a hill from this particular point. The stone is on the rampart of an Iron Age Hill Fort which surrounds the top of a hill).


[sigh] The pics do not do it justice.

Pictures of natural scenery and landscapes are the hardest to pull-off, there's just so much dynamic range that just doesn't come through.
That being said, I think the view from the parapets is quite nice. How much black-powder does one put in a 6-pounder?

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