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It is going to be a long night....

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Timetable: US election results

Memo to self - get some sleep, watching it won't change it - and think positive, if Kerry wins Bitch Clinton won't in 2008.

And I put my trust in people who put their money at stake - http://www.tradesports.com/ and http://www.betfair.com/ rather than polls.

(Betfair went up to 1.82 for Bush but back to 1.76 before I could place a bet) watch it live to get the pulse.


50 on at 1.81 on a Republican victory (40.50 potential profit)

We have the same positive thought. I voted early this morning and I'm glad that I did. There was a long queue, at least by American standards. I had to wait about 40 minutes to vote, which is unheard of. Now, it's about 90 degrees F, and the queues are, apparently, getting longer. I would hate to have to stand outside in this heat for two or more hours, waiting to cast my vote.

Listening to the television pundits, the "buzz" (created by them) is for Kerry. Listening to the comments in the queue, looking at the support posters in the gardens and the banner wavers on the sidewalks, the voters support Bush. There are Kerry supporters, but not nearly so many, visibly. The "youth vote" which was supposed to be so much in evidence coming out in support for Kerry has yet to be seen in any force, but there's still time in the voting day, here. It's certainly interesting and I look forward to seeing which colour light (red or blue) will shine on the US map on the ice rink in Rockefeller Centre for Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With the time difference, you are far better off going to sleep a bit early and getting up a bit early. That's what I'm going to (try to) do.

Odds have changed - 2.5 on republican now, looking bad.

Oh shit - 3.4 on Bush now

I took another 40 at 3.7 for Bush - back now to that bottle of rose Kim left behind, and the final twenty minutes of The Open Range on video.

See you in the morning.

4.30 am - it is all happening - in ten minutes Kerry has slipped fom 4 to 6 - feeling a bit more confident now - give it the BBC their interactive map is good - I should go back to bed...

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