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Good News - NO to the regionalisation of England.

BBC NEWS | Politics | North East votes 'no' to assembly

People in the North East have voted "no" in a referendum on whether to set up a new regional assembly.
The total number of people voting against the plans was 696,519 (78%), while 197,310 (22%) voted in favour.

Headlines from earlier in the week:

BBC NEWS | Politics | NE referendum 'too close to call'

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair and Kennedy push 'yes' vote

Time for the second happy dance of the week...


This is fantastic news. The best possible news for England and the worst possible news for Prescott.

Prescott must now resign having squandered 10M of our money on his obsession.

The politicians must now look at an English parliament in earnest. Their preferred option has been rejected so it is now time to look at the people's preferred option.

We must have chocolate cake!

Seriously - if experience has taught us anything about this government, it is that if the politicians' preferred option is rejected by the people, they'll only ram it through the house of commons anyway.

Regional Assemblies were supposed to answer the
West Lothian Question, No wonder Charles Kennedy is ropeable.It will be fun watching them carry on as if there is no problem.

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