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Remember Remember

The 5th of November...

Apart from saluting the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions today is a day to remember at The Castle.
Ten years ago today was when the Present Mrs Englishman and myself got hitched. I believe my credit card is going to take a ceremonial beating later today in Bath - she wants to revisit the shop where I bought her the engagement ring (though my request to the staff for "My Usual" did not go down well at the time).
So it must have been 4th November 1994 that I first had a meal in a No Smoking Restaurant. I had gathered together a few chums for a civilised Stag Night the night before the wedding. What is the point of doing it a week or so before? Where is the frisson of danger? Black tie, plenty of claret and I'm afraid we left the restaurant at about 11:30 and drove to my local pub for a few after hour drinks - I remember Pedro being asked if he wanted another pint, missing the bar and landing flat on his back but the pint glass was still vertical, so that was taken as a Yes! Happy Days.

I hadn't realised the restaurant was No Smoking but the owner was charming.
"If you want to smoke please use the Drawing Room".
Geoff - "Marijuana?"
"Out by the stables please."

If only other places were so civilised.


Best wishes to you both!

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