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Welcome to Kennet - my arse!

Today's question is why is Kennet District Council so anti-business?

I am extremely pissed off with Kennet District Council - I think my letter to the leader of The Council
and the Press explains it all. - You will remember to send me a cake with a file in it when I am languishing in the Gaol, won't you?

A few years ago I started up a business in Marlborough which luckily was successful. Marlborough is a lovely town but parking for businesses was a nightmare. When the Council proposed measures to make it worse we objected and wrote to the press. We said the changes would drive business from the town. The changes went ahead so when we received several million pounds of investment we didn't look for new premises in Marlborough, we went to Newbury where we created 60 highly paid jobs.

Six weeks ago I started a new business, in Devizes this time. It is going very well and the people and businesses in the area are fantastic. How does Kennet District Council welcome us? Is there a nice automated note from the Leader welcoming us to the area, thanking us for contributing to the local economy, a helpful booklet explaining the area and what the Council can do to help? No. The first thing we get from the Council is a summons for non-payment of rates. No rates bill, no reminder, just a summons. I don't know when they think we should have paid the rates as I haven't had the bill, but it can't have been more than a week or so overdue so a summons seems completely out of proportion.

In all my years of business I have never been summoned for non-payment before so I ring up the council and explain we have not had a rates bill, or a rates valuation or even seen a reminder. Could they please send me copies of everything so we can pay our way. I am told they "don't have any documents, we just have a list we take to the court". So it makes it a bit difficult to pay an invoice if they won't send a copy doesn't it! Hopefully the Magistrates will drill some sense into the Council .

And as we expand this new business I will remember Kennet's Council anti-business attitude.


enjoy your day in court, i've had many. They will tell the council to piss off, savour the moment.

I would shrug sceptically were it not for the fact that experience suggests to the contrary.

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