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My thoughts exactly

German For Beginners

I have been watching British TV for the past couple of weeks and can't believe the cynicism and outright stupidity of many broadcasters/politicians. That a worldwide broadcaster like the BBC sends a satellite signal out with the message that "if troops from a particular regiment are attacked/injured/killed we will want all British troops removed from Iraq" is unbelievable and would surely ... encourage anti-coalition forces to target those particular troops.

The edit is because Neil uses a very British spoken phrase "would surely not" which written looks confusing as it means "surely would" - I think....


Given the amount of support the baath party has in the west, even outside France, why are we suprised? in England we have the specticle of dead soldiers family taking away the heroism of their dead kin and making their sacrafice a joke, it makes me sick, their family should be asking the gov to send more troops wiith better kit to blow the bastards away, that would make the hobby of killing a lot less appealling, I really wish I could do something to help rid MY world of these vermin (terrorists and thepolitical correct types)
Chris Edwards

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