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The Disease thatdare not speak its name

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Arafat's illness still a mystery

It is still a mystery to the BBC or is it a cover up?

israelinsider: diplomacy: Suspicions grow that Arafat is dying of AIDS

Former White House speechwriter David Frum has joined the growing chorus of pundits, medical experts, and intelligence operatives who claim Yasser Arafat is likely suffering from AIDS.

Frum, a key figure in Republican politics and the man who coined the terms "axis of evil," writes in National Review Online that Arafat's undisclosed illness is well-known, but has been kept under wraps by the mainstream media.

"Speaking of media bias, here's a question you won't hear in our big papers or on network TV: Does Yasser Arafat have AIDS?" asks Frum, who also writes for the National Post.


Here's a suggestion: Each time someone starts talking about how "great" Arafat was, or says he died of "unknown"/"mysterious" causes, immediately start singing and disco-dancing:


Or sing "YMCA". Not that there's anything wrong with THAT. Honestly.

Being Gay is nothing to be ashamed of.

Having AIDS is no stigma.

Unless it is a Leftist icon. The Lefties are hypocrits.

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