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The Persian War has broken out!

Over at this post An Englishman's Castle: Iranian Race the Assyrians, Iranians, African-Americans, Irish and others are fighting it out - go and help please. (scroll down the comments).


I'm not really knowledgeable about the middle east, so this should be taken with a helping of salt:

My perception of Iranians has been that they've always been very attached to their distinct identity. When Islam first came through, they managed to create their own distinct sect, and they've kept that "unique"-ism very strong.

Bear in mind that in 1980, the choice for most of the world was to suck up to the US or to Moscow. To me that was the key factor in Iran throwing off their pro-American monarchy and striking out on their own as a theocracy.

And that to me is the hope for Iran. I get the impression that they are now in the position of a determined counterculture person who suddenly, and accidentally, finds themselves fashionable.

Islamic extremism was cool when everybody else was pushing pan-Arab socialism or being an American satellite, but when every Tom, Dick and Ali in the Arab world is at it? I expect Iran to switch to a new and original form of government fairly soon.

Er... I would do, but all the capital letters and exclamation points have already been used up, so I wouldn't get a look in.

What an interesting dinner party these guys would make. (Not in my home...please, God...)

Someone get a firehose. When we lived in India we had some Persian friends whose religion was the old one, Zoroastrianism - they had light complexions. In India that's how status is assessed by Caste, lighter is higher. There's a huge market there for skin-lightning beauty products.

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