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Question for fellow bloggers

As a kid, or as a grown up, did you keep a diary writing up what you did everyday? Is blogging a continuation from that or are you like me and never wrote a thing?


Never wrote a thing Tim. I know, I know, it shows, but you did ask.

Tried writing a diary once.
Gave up when I found that I didn't actually do anything worth writing down.

I kept a journal/diary when I was in Middle School. After I discovered my mother was reading them, I stopped.

I kept a diary for about six months in 1986, but got bored of writing down all the minutiae. I'd even write down the meals I had. Every now and again I'll get it out though and reread it.

I kept trip-diaries, it started when we moved to India in '67, mostly they would deteriorate from words into drawing pictures of things. Had to keep one when I was hitchiking around, because I wouldn't know/remember where I'd been otherwise.

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