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The State we are in

The Washington Dispatch

What's So Great about Great Britain?
Commentary by Martin Kelly

...the liberals control social policy with a rod of iron. Children are presented with images of sexuality from the earliest age - politicians express shock when they start having sex young. Intercourse is presented as an entertainment without consequences - the Sunday Telegraph has recently reported that the taxpayer-funded British Pregnancy Advisory Service is sending women to Spain in order to obtain abortions that are illegal in the UK due to the stage of their pregnancy. The debris of this ruinous liberalism wanders round our towns at all hours of the day and night. The institutions of the state, provided by the citizen for their own protection, do not function unless in this liberal atmosphere. The citizen is not permitted to protect his home without having to make a lawyerly judgment in a split-second decision in combat against intruders, in the middle of the night. So paralysed is the police service by its institutional liberalism that it cannot keep the streets of Nottingham and Birmingham free from a gun culture that would shame LA's ganglands.

This is Great Britain now. This is your ally.


Nothing to argue with there, except -
What's wrong with a Gun Culture?

Shorter Martin Kelly: "the working class have too much money and don't know their place: send them back to the factories where they belong."

nice article linked you to my blog

John B

Despite you unerring ability to write copious amounts of unthinking effluent both in your own excreble blog as well as others' comments sections ,this has to go down as one of your most puerile, evasive and pointless effort ever.

Well done.

Don't weep for the English.

Just like a Turkey voting for Christmas. They voted Labour.

Me? I'm off. Bye!

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