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Fair and balanced?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Inquiry into BBC 'pro-Euro bias'

The BBC has commissioned an inquiry into whether its coverage of the European Union is biased.
The independent panel will investigate claims the BBC is "systematically Europhile" and has excluded pro-withdrawal voices from its coverage.

Any bets on what they will decide?


The BBC is biased.

Cancelling your BBC license gives great satisfaction and can save you 120 English Pounds per year.

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Of course, one wouldn't want to pre-judge an independent commission now but, well, let's say I wouldn't bet on the outcome being more appearances by Richard North.

Of course the BBC is "systematically Europhile" - they've descrambled their satellite signal to contintal Europe - I can (when restrained from throwing things at the screen) watch BBC1-4 and don't have to worry about the TV tax.....

It will be interesting to see what it says the eurosceptics on the panel have a track record of winning arguments.

I predict the commission will conclude that

a) Given the amount of laws that originate in the EU that the BBC does not give it enough time.

b) That voices advocating withdrawal get a rough deal in comparison to the large numbers of the public who share those views.

c) That otherwise it tries to put both sides of the argument.

The BBC is a glorious machine.

We aim is to cover up bad news relating to the Labour Party and Labour's Multiculturalisation program.

To increase the ethnic minority in the countryside, naturally we must reduce the number of English.

Stuff the english. They are finished

Don't pay the license tax - haven't done so for 20 years.

[Water is] the only drink for a wise man. Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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