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Metric kristallnacht

Blithering Bunny reports on:

The metrification bullies turn violent.

..a trading standards official of Torbay council in Devon walked into Dennis Webb's fruit shop. When he saw that, despite a previous warning, Mr Webb was still using scales that measured only in pounds and ounces, Mr James produced a hammer and a metal punch with which, according to Mr Webb, he struck the scales so hard as to render them unusable.

Might have guessed it would those nutter down ther - we have mentioned them before.

And on Metrication Madness let me present you the regulations on Honey:


Honey may only be packed in certain metric quantities. These are as follows:

57g, 113g, 227g, 340g, 454g, 680g, or a multiple of 454g.

The imperial equivalent may also be shown (i.e. 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 1lb, 1 1/2lb, and multiples of 1lb).

So you can't sell a pound of honey or a kilogram of honey - complete madness...


So this beaureaucrat, this civil servant, thinks he can walk onto another person's private property and damage his goods? The gall of it is incredible. The more I think of it the more worked up I get. I hope they try it in my father's shop. They'll get a smack in the mouth.

Trading illegally or not (and we all know the answer there) I'd love to see Dennis Webb prosecute. I'd better go now before I take a hammer to my computer ...

Move aside for Labour's Invaders.

The shopkeeper should bring an action for damages to his antique weighing scales...

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