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Geography Question 2

From 1714 the island (actually two islands) was Danish until seized by the British in 1807 during the Napoleonic wars.

Britain gave up the islands to Germany in 1890, and gave up their interests in Madagascar to the French, in return for those countries quitting their claims to the island of Zanzibar in Africa (currently in Tanzania), largely so the British could intervene there to suppress the slave trade.

Under the German Empire, the islands became a major naval base, and during the First World War the civil population was evacuated. The islanders returned in 1918, but during the Nazi era the naval base was reactivated. During the Second World War the islanders remained on the main island, but on 18 April 1945 over a thousand allied bombers attacked the islands leaving nothing standing. The civil population was protected in rock shelters, most of the 128 people killed being anti-aircraft crews. The islands were evacuated the following night.

From 1945 to 1952 the uninhabited islands were used as a bombing range. On 18 April 1947, the Royal Navy detonated 6800 tons of explosives in a concerted attempt to destroy the main island. While the military installations were destroyed, most of the island remained.

It is now a holiday resort once again and enjoys a tax exempt status,..

Where is it?



Yesssss, right on the dot!

Easy peasy!

My bad, I was going to say Walcheren.

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