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Fiddle, Fudge and Failure

BBC NEWS | Business | Greece admits fudging euro entry

Before editing the BBC said "Greece admits fiddling euro entry".. which was probably more truthful.....

And also out today:

.. as the cost of hosting the 2004 summer Olympics reached 7bn euros (4.8bn) (BBC)...
or ...... Olympics was nearly 9.0 billion euros (11.5 billion US dollars), almost double the amount forecast a year before the Games, Greece's Finance Minister George ...

as every one else says.

Can anyone think of a good reason why we would them hop skip and jumping all over London hoovering up money and drugs?
I'm backing Paris for the Olympics.


Why complain?

Europe is very rich. There is enough money for everyone!

To have doubted one's own first principles is the mark of a civilized man. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841 - 1935)

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