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The view from the countryside

BBC NEWS | England | Coventry/Warwickshire | Hunt supporters 'defiant, determined'

"The countryside is fed up. We're a law-abiding community. I've never been in trouble in my life, but I'm prepared to stand firm on this.
"People here are very, very angry. This bill pleases no-one. It's just a law that is appeasing anti-hunting MPs."

My thoughts exactly.


Have you given any thought to rural England seceding from the UK? This would please both sides, I feel...

Is there a list of hunts anywhere on the web?

I grew up in Kenilworth, Warwickshire but the hunt in Kenilworth stopped before my time, I've never really lived in another hunting heartland, so, consequently, I've never seen a hunt before.

I'd like to though, if they are being BANNED I feel I will have to go along and support them, and to experience the upper-class vileness of the hunt at first hand.

I've been living over in Cambs for the last 6 months, there's one over here so I will try and find where it's happening and pop along and demonstrate against the anti-hunt demonstrators.

I often think a wall along the inside edge of the M25 wouldn't be so bad. Have London bugger off and become Lesotho and we'll be South Africa.

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