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Prince Old fashioned on education - and that is a criticism?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Charles 'out of time' says Clarke
Prince Charles wrote:
"What is wrong with everybody nowadays?"
"What is it that makes everyone seem to think they are qualified to do things far beyond their technical capabilities?"
He goes on to blame the "learning culture in schools" and a "child-centred system which admits no failure" and tells people they can achieve greatness without "putting in the necessary effort or having the natural abilities".

And where is he wrong?


I wondered the same thing. I mean, being a lazy toad, I put in minimal effort but then I don't expect the riches of avarice to pour forth just because.

Nothing wrong with ambition, but I thought it was the job of the school system to crush ambition rather than cultivate it. Still, that's what my fourteen years of government-funded timewasting taught me. Your mileage may vary.

What the Prince is really ranting on about is continuing attempts to kill off the class system, without which he is nothing (not having any significant abilities of his own). I guess you country folk are more deferential, with a more rose tinted perspective on feudalism and all that.

Fellow lummockturners, horneswogglers, gummotiddlers and artisaans of thy country wayes. Get on.

We be ought ta listenin to our Maancuuniaan chum fer he mus be our better an maastar. E come from ye big ol smokey city see and we jus be a riight bunch o dim witted yokels. He mus know waat he be on about. Wim faar too busy to be doin thaangs liike leaarnin. Tim ere be too busy out in dem fields tendin to cows and cuttin edge. Mr Free Maarket be faar too busy trimmin is thatch and shootin things to be readin and taakin on boaard naaledge.

Bein that we is baav thaack an so defferrentaal an all, let 'im be our gide an guru. Either thaat or wim give im an ol countrey bugger off an mind yer own gesture.

Ahh but see 'es more evolved than us be.

Mr Newton,
Don't get it. Charles knows plenty of dimwitted toffs. He wouldn't employ them either.
No what he is on about is the "world owes me a living" approach of our nation of grasshoppers.
And yet again he seems to have hit the nail on the head.

If Stephen Newton received an invitation to dine with Prince Charles, he'd be off faster than spit on a skillet.

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