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Parliament has decided

BBC NEWS | Politics | Hunt ban forced through Commons

Mr Gray said passing a ban with no delay would send a hidden message to the countryside: "a message which reads 'Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war'."


It's a tragic day Tim, but one we knew would probably come. Let the rabid nuLabour backbenchers have their moment of victory; it will give them something to cling to when finally faced with the shite storm they have unleashed.

If this government can ignore the will of the people of England and impose un-elected assemblies after a 78% NO vote in the North East,
it is fair do'es then if the people ignore the will of Parliament. This shower of shite do'nt just hate the "toffs" they hate all the English
and choke on the word "England"

I was most underwhelmed with the performance of the leader of the Countryside Alliance on Question Time last night. I was expecting (well, hoping for) passion, fireworks and a defence of liberty. As far as I could tell it was more a case of 'its not fair'.

Andrew Neil had it right on the programme following (bloody memory's failing me; I can't remember the name of that either!) when he said this government wants to turn the nation into a clone of Islington. Diane Abbot agreed.

Please will people stop refering to "labour" or "nulabour", they are socialists of the worst kind.

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