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Blunkett's Spitzel Plans

Times Online - Newspaper Edition reports:

MINISTERS are frantically attempting to devise a quick fix to delay enforcement of the hunt ban to prevent widespread civil disobedience in the countryside before the general election.
David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, said yesterday that a delay was desirable for police to gather intelligence on potential hunt rebels and he had voted for a delay to allow time for "intelligence-based policing" to be developed.
Special Branch officers around the country have been attempting to recruit informants from pro-hunt organisations and hunt staff who are prepared to give police regular tip-offs about illegal hunts and any other acts of civil disobedience.

So nuLabour turn the country into a network of furtive sneaks and jobsworths - so much for building trust in the community.
Let me save them some time - I will be breaking the law - don't know when, don't know where, but I'm sure the Jack Russels will continue to turn a deaf ear when I ask them not chase the cuddly furry-wurries...


I'm simply praying the Ol' Bill want me as an informant. When they do don't worry, Mr Englishman, I'll be sure to tell them all I know.

You do live on the Shetlands, don't you? ;)

As hunting is to be banned I am going to Norway next year to participate in their annual seal cull. Now where's my 3 Iron?

Hunting is a threat to the UK!

Islamic Terrorism is not a threat!

who cares if a terrorist parks a petrol tanker on a railway line, along as foxes are protected from the fat toffs?

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