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My kids are on drugs

I'm as harsh a critic of the NHS as any but I hope I also praise when it is justified. No.2 Son (The Spare) was rushed to hospital yesterday as his Appendix decided to blowup. There was a complete lack of healing crystals and homeopathy, just a good old mix of Class A drugs, a scalpel and huge amounts of antibiotics which means he is hopefully on the road to recovery - rather than the slab as would have been a couple of generations ago.
We have never lived in better times and when it comes to emergencies the NHS is pretty good - thanks.


I hope your son recovers quickly and painlessly.

As for the NHS, yes, there are good doctors and good hospitals, in the same way that there are good schools. But, it's not because of the NHS or the state.

1. Best wishes for your son's full recovery. You've certainly had your share of family health worry, lately.

2. Don't knock homeopathy. I have taken golden seal and echinacea for years when I feel the beginnings of a cold or sore throat, and they nip it in the bud, every time. I was plagued with sore throats as a child and was on seemingly constant doses of ampicillin, tetracyclin and other antibiotics, which cured the problem but created another (which I will spare you). The herbal remedies have no side effects and work just as well. I can't remember the last time I went to a doctor to cure an illness of that nature.

If I or a loved one broke a leg, or experienced what happened to your son, obviously I'd do what you did. But for fighting colds, destroying mucus (ewww)and immune boosting, homeopathy is great. I treat my children with it, as well, and they, too, have very few bad colds.

Medics, us research scientists and such like are getting close to being able to cure everything except age. Antibiotics are the discovery of humanity. Nancy, I appreciate your wonder of homeopathy, but it's only for the past 60 years that we've had a slight upper hand. Every herbal medicine one takes has had far less testing than thalidomide. Whilst there's lots to learn from traditional medicine, that doesn't mean modern, i.e. molecular genetics based drugs can be ignored.....

Tim: Double doses of antibiotics and ice cream are standard treatment I believe....

Good grief... and don't forget scotch and gin for you and Ally, respectively.

NO!!! Never mix ice cream or any dairy product with antibiotics. It lessens the ability of the antibiotic to do it's job, which is to prevent any secondary infection from killing your child. Glad he is OK, hope he will recover completely and be the same beloved nuisance as before.

Neil, actually, homeopathy has had a couple of thousand years of testing. If anything I've been taking for the last twenty years was going to get me, I'd have been got by now.

I would never be so silly as to ignore modern medicine. More options = better choices. I have a wonderful GP.

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