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Child Killers at work

English GP takes 32 week pregnant student to Spain for abortion

Further complicity between UK abortionists and the Spanish abortion clinic, Ginemedex, is revealed in The Sunday Telegraph (UK) today. An English GP admits to having accompanied a student to Barcelona to terminate a 32-week pregnancy for social reasons. Once again the UK abortion provider, British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), focus of an earlier scandal unravelled by the same Telegraph team, features regularly in the report.

˜Anybody involved in any way whatsoever in the termination of an unborn child at 32 weeks gestation is a barbarian,' said a spokesperson for Comment on Reproductive Ethics. ˜It is absolutely against the law in both countries, and there is no way this act can be justified. I feel as disturbed by this killing as I have been by the execution of innocent hostages in Iraq.

˜The involvement of BPAS is no surprise. This ill-named organisation has never offered meaningful pregnancy advice. It exists to promote abortion, seeing it as its messianic mission - no reason too trivial, no date in pregnancy too late. Dr Adlakha, the GP involved in The Sunday Telegraph expose, is obviously part of the same network and mindset. There is a viciousness about those organising these abortions and their mania for destroying the unborn child which is almost beyond human understanding.

Sick sick sick - on the radio the excuse the abortionist offered is that it is better to kill the child than offer it up for adoption as you don't know what will happen to it then. Well some of who were adopted are happy that we ended up where we are rather than as a bloody mess in a bowl. Will we see rigourous prosecutions of all concerned? Don't hold your breath.


I don't know the full story; only what you have written. What I would like to know, based on that, is precisely what "social problems" were so insignificant that they were ignored for eight months, but have suddenly become so dire that one more month cannot be gotten through.

Girls have a way of deluding themselves over an unwanted pregnancy. The first missed or unusual period is ignored. Between the first missed period and the second one, the vomiting usually starts, and then only the most terrified or clueless continue to ignore it.

A lot of the later months abortions are stupidos, wanting the baby themselves, but waiting for Moronic Boyfriend to come round to the idea. He takes off, or doesn't come round, so she has the abortion, anyway; which has always completely blown me away. You get rid of the asshole who doesn't want his own child, not the baby, for God's sake.

All but the truly dire, life threatening abortions should be outlawed after three months, which would give the fence sitters an enforced time table. But the only way that would really work is with an incredibly socially intrusive mix of proper sex education, birth control and sterilization of anyone who proves to be a crap parent the first time round, so that their continued childish, socially irresponsible behaviour has no effect on anyone but themselves. Considering how much longer people are living, the current, ridiculous age limit for adoption should be lifted, as well.

Partial birth abortion is cold blooded murder of the most innocent. If I had any say in the situation you posted, I would tell the mother, "tough luck, sweetheart. You have let this go on for eight months without doing anything about it. You are going to lay in a hospital bed and feel sorry for yourself for another four weeks, then your baby is going to be born and put up for adoption - and six months from now, you will be doing whatever you are doing and your baby will be in a parent's loving arms. And by the way, you are going to be sterilised, because you are obviously a moron."

I don't know how old this girl or woman is, but no matter how young she is and what the circumstances are, she and everyone else around her, including social services, has seen and known that she has been pregnant for months, and no one has done anything about it. This action is a huge mistake on every level.

By the way, I know that I spelled "sterilise" both ways. Having lived in England for so long, I go back and forth with the "s" and "z" randomly. Also the "u" in a word; sometimes in, sometimes out. I don't think I can stop!

I couldn't help doing a compare and contrast on the rights of Foxes and Foetuses under Labour at my blog based on precisely this article.

I also noted that the BBC and rest of the press seemed to ignore completely this story...


I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she was just fine. This made me feel sick. It can't be excused...

Meat is Murder!

Abortion is Choice!

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