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The pursuit of Justice

UK Commentators - Laban Tall's Blog

30 years ago an IRA team destroyed two crowded Birmingham pubs, killing 21 drinkers and injuring 200, many seriously.
In the early 1980s Chris Mullin was a Guardian journalist. In his articles at the time, and later in his 1986 book 'Error of Judgement', he claimed to know the identity of the killers - indded, to have spoken with them.

Chris Mullin is now a Foreign Office Minister.

I must admit to finding it strange that a Minister of the Crown should withhold from the police the names of the killers of 21 innocents and the maiming of hundreds more, that he should be happy for the killers to escape justice - and that seemingly everyone else is happy with this. It appalls me.

Mr Mullin's decision to withold the information is no secret. Yet I've never heard a single question from the Tory benches or from anywhere else on this subject.

Amazes me - but doesn't surprise.


I think it's a little more serious than that. His refusal to speak not only kept killers free, but allowed innocents to be wrongly jailed for a large portion of their lives.

Better to let the guilty go free than the innocent suffer.

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