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What happens if you protest...

Mirror.co.uk - TALLY BLOW

HUNT protester Otis Ferry has had guns seized by police after a raid on his home.
The 21-year-old - who led the storming of Parliament by pro-hunt campaigners - had a .22 rifle and 12-bore shotgun taken away.
Police said they removed the legally held weapons because of concerns over the behaviour of rock star Bryan's son during protests.
His cottage in Shropshire was searched for six hours.
Ferry, who had licences for the firearms, is the youngest Master of Foxhounds and a member of the South Shropshire Hunt.
A police source said: "This was a thorough operation involving more than a dozen officers. The premises were searched for six hours and every room was looked at.
"A .22 rifle and a 12-bore shotgun were removed.
"A computer was also taken away.
"I understand Mr Ferry believes the measures were heavy-handed, but the officers had a job to do." Police from the West Mercia force sent four vans of officers and dogs, three marked cars and two unmarked cars to Ferry's home.
Police trained in search techniques even climbed into his attic.

Nice to know the Police have the resources when they need them. It is fairly obvious the message they are trying to send out to protestors. Remember Otis, as far as I know, has never been involved in or threatened any violence to anyone. Maybe he should have swung a punch when he had a chance in The Commons....


How utterly pathetic. I can imagine the Chief Constable sitting there now, sporting a self satisfied grin and a hard on at the thought of a good day's work. Its only taken them weeks to get around to it and by the sound of it most of the Force (whoops, Service) was involved. As you say Mr Englishman, its all designed to put the willies up hunters. I hope young Ferry offered them a nice cuppa and a biscuit.

Why should you be allowed to hold a gun if you commit criminal acts like Ferry did?

Can you imagine a striking miner 20 years ago invading the floor of the house of commons?
They wouldnít have had guns to confiscate, but Iím pretty sure the likes of the sun and the mail would have been quite eager to brand them as anarchists etc.

Or maybe they could have just confiscated their Roxy Music albums, they can have mine, they have recently been devalued Iím sad to say.

Guto and Gweddy what are you on?

Isn't it wonderful how the liberal left get so self righteous about civil liberties until a cause they don't agree with draws on the principle.

Find a backbone and some principles you whingy leftie scum.

The ban on fox hunting and greyhound racing, for that matter, is an attack on the english countryside and is, in my opinion, a classicst affront. This government forced through a law that would have support purely based on class envy without understanding the full impact on the English countryside and a particularly English way of life.

I now think it is time to force this government's hand and go for a ban on fishing which can be just as cruel as Fox hunting. With 2 million+ sport fisherman in this country, there would be popular uproar. However, if it is cruelity that is being challenged here, then what sort of reaction will the government have?

please email me if you are interesting in pursuing such an action with me....

your work is good

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