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Smile as you wave me goodbye..

So I'm off to court tomorrow because Kennet Council believe it is appropriate to welcome a new business into the Kennet area with a summons rather than a pleasant welcome - just using their documents they claim I am about 35 days late paying an invoice which they admit was wrong. My defence is a bit more complete than that but just in case anyone from Kennet is reading this I will leave it to the magistrates.
I would appreciate it if anyone has a moment that they could drop the Glorious Leader of the Council: Cllr CP Humphries a polite email to ask WTF is going on - and is this stupid bureaucratic behaviour the best way to help Kennet attract business.

For the background see: Kennet Arse

And if you think this is just a personal whinge, you may be correct. But I believe it is more, it is alright ranting away on blogs and down the pub when the bastards try and grind you down. And of course in each individual case it is easier and cheaper to give in - pay the Danegeld. But if you don't stand your ground when it hits you personally you are just full of hot air - so I'm standing - are you behind me?


Morning! I am a long time reader of your blog, but haven't posted a comment before. Sounds to me from what you say that a previous occupier/owner of the premises you are trading from hasn't paid the rates on those premises - which the Council are now trying to recover from you. I take it you have a lease of the premises you are using? Was this dealt with on completion (i.e. did you/your solicitor get a receipt for the business rates to show they had been paid for the current period)?

I can't remember off hand if liability for business rates "run" with the premises rather than being personal to the owner/occupier of the premises for the relevant period - in the case of residential property they don't run with the property. If they run with the premises, then I think you will be liable, as hard as that might be!

I'll keep an eye out to see how you get on. Best of luck. Regards, rhadamanthus (25/11/04 - 8:10:24 GMT).

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they fail to turn up for the hearing, thus incurring costs to be paid by the council taxpayers of Kennet.


I note the use of 'Kennet' quite a lot in that post ... does that mean that anyone searching our local council has an increased chance of stumbling over your post ??? Tell me you wouldn't do such a thing ???

No 10 on Google for "Kennet Council" and rising like a bullet! :)

Gissa Job!

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