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I'm Free!

Regulars will be bored of my tussle with Kennet Council. And my thanks to those who have helped and are going to help by inserting (a title="An Englishman's Castle: Welcome to Kennet - my arse!" href="http://www.anenglishmanscastle.com/archives/001044.html")Kennet Council(/a). (Replace round brackets with pointy ones) is immense - it really makes a difference to know people are behind you.
Anyway I refused to roll over and demanded my time in front of the Magistrates who were decent sensible people. They agreed with me that I had acted reasonably and had tried to pay my rates upto date and refused Kennet Council's application for costs for issuing a summons and the hearing. And I can pay the rest of month by month as I requested. So total victory! It shows it pays to not give in and gives me a renewed belief in Local Justice.
Now for a pint or two to celebrate.


Yay! Excellent!!

Bravo! Knew you could do it!

Have a drink for me - and congratulations.

Well done, they'll be after you now though, you made em look stupid.

Ah, yes, magistrates. Those reasonable people, unpaid, stalwart members of the local community....the ones that Nu Labour want to do away with and replace with stipendaries?

Shows you what happens when you let the Kenetians have so much power.

Alien scum.

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