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EU did/didn't meet with Hamas

EU chief held secret talks with Hamas - Report -

The European Union foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, announced on Thursday that he had held secret talks with the Palestinian Hamas movement.
"I have had direct contact with Hamas but not in the last few days," Solana told BBC Radio....

Later, Solana's office denied the report and released a statement saying; "With reference to the BBC interview broadcast today, the office of the High Representative, Javier Solana, clarifies that at no time Dr Solana wished to imply that direct contacts between himself and Hamas had taken place,"

Well that is clear then - one of the statements is a lie and I think I know which one - a trainee salesman would be sacked for misleading customers like that - can anyone remind me again why we are in the EU?


I think the words 'Blair' 'lies' 'Eurowhore' 'soul-selling' and 'money-grubbing bastards' would have to be in any honest answer, don't you? Not to mention the government's deliberate destruction of England's agricultural system. (foot and mouth, anyone?)

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