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Gun "privilege" withdrawn

Telegraph | News | 'Liar' Hewitt can't have gun licences back, says judge

Judge Charles Byers, sitting at Blackfriars Crown Court, denied Hewitt's appeal to have his licences returned. He ruled that Hewitt had "flagrantly abused the privilege" that came with being allowed to possess shotguns and rifles.
The judge, sitting with two magistrates, said they were "satisfied he lied to police" after being detained earlier this year outside a restaurant with the TV presenter Alison Bell, and was found to have.361 grams of cocaine stuffed in a trouser pocket.
Earlier, James Rankin, appearing for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, told the court: "A drunken man with a gun is capable of being very dangerous." Hewitt could not be "trusted with possession of a gun... because he lacked proper self control".

He wasn't "in possession", the gun was in his home - he was out getting drunken with a blonde... I have got no time for Hewitt, a dim cad. But the case is interesting for what it reveals.


Do they seriously think that us gun owners do not get drunk?

What 'privilege' is this?

Gun owners in England do not have the right to own firearms that currently fall under the governments various licensing schemes. We apply for certificates and licenses which may be granted to us as a privilege and on a temporary but renewable basis.

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