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Big Bullies

Scotsman.com News - UK - Anger as Asda targets pressure group

THE pressure group Farmers For Action, whose members face legal action from Asda over blockades at its retail depots, is demanding to know how the supermarket company could have hand-delivered letters to the homes of more than 50 of its co-ordinators and activists without breaching the Data Protection Act.

The letters, threatening to bring injunctions and claims for damages if the blockades continue, come as dairy farmers say milk prices in the industry have hit an all time low. "We only get 17p per litre, yet it sells in the supermarkets for 50p," said John Cummings, a Stranraer dairy farmer and a member of Farmers For Action (FFA).

"We won't be bullied because we are threatened by a giant bully. We want to warn Asda that we won't go away, we can't afford not to fight.

The countryside is revolting in many ways. And the guess is that ASDA got the names and addresses from number plates via the Police which is very very naughty.

The police won't even give me the name and address of the owner of a car that crashes through a fence and is left upside down in my field. Of course if the owner doesn't claim it I'm liable for the costs of removing it, but if I move it and damage it then the owner could sue me. Thank goodness the wind seems to pick them up and drop them back onto the roadside where the council have to deal with them.


ASDA started out as ASsociated DAiries, a former daily co-operative. Funny how things come around isn't it.

Well if you want to get your own back, without breaching the data protection act, you could always stand outside their supermarket car park with a big sign saying:
"www.tesco.com - Buy online and they will carry your shopping home for you"
Another good way of dissing them is to take one of your dairy cows and sell direct to the public at 45p per litre, that's assuming you are allowed to sell raw milk.

Personally, I think yon overturned car would make excellent target practice for the boys... especially if the wind moved it off your property, that is.

Alternatively, if you don't like the price your customer (ASDA) offers you, don't sell them anything.

What is it with farmers that they think they're somehow special?

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