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Uniform Day

One of the advantages of not moving house very much is that we - in the words of Kim du Toit Comments -
live cheaply. We buy stuff that lasts not only our life time but is also passed down.

I was having a good rummage in the wardrobes this morning as I've been dragooned into going to some "Dinner Dance" tonight, and told I must behave. Bloody invite just says "Posh clothes".
Does that mean my Father's black suit and Uncle Percy's Overcoat, (his Dinner suit made in 1932 is still fine apart from a torn shoulder where I fell of my bike whilst wearing it, but it no longer buttons around my middle) or is the Dinner Jacket a Glam Rock Star gave me when he no longer fitted into it? Which ever one I choose it will be wrong.
Tomorrow Mr FM has invited me for a bit of shooting - he assures me it isn't too posh so I may get away with my peasant farmer look - old shirt, Dunhill tie and Barbour pullover - not a Barbour coat though - something a bit more waterproof.
And to take with me?
Obviously the semi-auto would be frowned on and neither the old Farm Manager's nor my Grandfather's gun is useable. So that leaves a choice between my Fathers tidy little Covert Gun or the over-and-under which I found. All quality stuff that hasn't cost me a penny.
I thought I ought to wash the boots as well this morning, but the Pig Blood seems to have stained them - any tips or do you think I will get away with it?


You're in better shape than I'm in. If semi-autos were "frowned upon", that wouldeliminate my beloved Browning "Sweet Sixteen" Auto 5, and leave me only with some cheap 'n nasty Spanish side-by-side (both in the not-very-popular 16ga, incidentally).

El Cheapo is actually my bedside companion (Long Gun Division), but it's not too bad.

Nothing compared to the Purdeys, Greeners and Holland & Holland numbers you'll no doubt encounter if you go shooting with the toffs...

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