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What is...Pajamahadeen?

Times Online - Newspaper Edition

What is...Pajamahadeen?
Rather had denounced his blogging nemeses as “partisan political operatives”, but it was left to another television executive, Jonathan Klein, to inspire a resonant image appropriate to this series on buzzwords. Surveying the bloggers, he declared: “You couldn’t have a starker contrast between the multiple layers of checks and balances (in television news) and a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing.”

Given a sense of history, Klein might have realised that a considered and satisfying sneer is infuriatingly liable to be appropriated with pride by its target. Methodism and neoconservatism both started life as terms of abuse. The guys in pajamas likewise speedily adopted for themselves the felicitous collective term “Pajamahadeen”.

Conventional journalists criticise bloggers for being parasitic rather than investigative, and Pajamahadeen, with its metaphorical connotations of guerrilla warfare, scarcely dispels that suspicion. It is admittedly a ready vehicle for dilettantes bearing grudges, and at its worst it attracts political obscurantists. But at its best it offers additional checks and balances on the flow of information.

Had there been an equivalent force in this country — a Pyjamahadeen to match the Pajamahadeen — the Hutton inquiry might not have been necessary. Concerted scrutiny on the internet of that notorious broadcast might have spared the BBC later embarrassment — and the rest of us Greg Dyke’s self-regarding memoir.


One thing that the command and control brigade, to which most members of the "Liberal Elite" belong to, refuse to aknowledge is that it is possible for something to be achieved without a central planner.

State ownership is better than the chaos of the markets.
Big media with its systems is better than the cacophany of bloggers.
Globalisation must be controlled by international organisations.

Unfortunately for them they are wrong. Just as a multitude of wanabees keep the multinational giants on the straight and narrow, Blogs will ensure in the future that blatant lying and distortion are not accepted as the truth.

They are losing their position and don't like it. Blogs are just the latest in a series of challengers that are reducing the power of the self elected elites.

The supporters of diversity didn't mean to include points of view.

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